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The john legend concert is there now at the Cocal Cola Arena in Dubai now. In 1998, John first tasted fame after the success of the phenomenal Lauryn Hill The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill disc. It was Legend who played the famous piano part in one of the main hits of the Everything Is Everything CD. At this time, he toured a lot, making notes and selling live CDs. In 2001, a college roommate introduced Legend to then-budding producer Kanye West. As a result, John easily joined the West creative team, appearing on the albums of Talib Kweli, Common, Mary J. Blige and Kanye himself. At the same time, he recorded a joint song with Alicia Keys You Don’t Know My Name and appeared on Black Album Jay-Z.

In 2004, singer John Legend finally made his debut

Get Lifted started perfectly, from 7th place in the Top 200 and from 1th place in the R&B Album Chart. It is easy to guess that success was accompanied by sales: more than three million copies were sold worldwide. Have the best time with john legend show now.

If for most performers such an upsurge, a kind of dream limit and the realization of all the same, then for Legend the received checks are only a fee for the work. Its real goal is to be able to speak honestly and truthfully with your audience and communicate at precisely that level. When they asked him what he would like his fans to feel when they listen to the second album, he replied: “I want them to hear that I have grown … I tried to cover all parts of myself. I listened to more music and absorbed even more experience. Get Lifted was the personification of me at that time. Once Again is me now. ”

  • John approached the work on the disc very boldly. He decided to record an album not so much successful from a marketing point of view as sincere, from the heart, from the heart. “I listen to a lot of music,” says Legend about preparing the disc. The producers, and I work with Kanye, Will and Craig, listen even more. We organize collective discussions, almost without looking back at what is happening in urban. ”
  • His work really came to a glance. It is not yet clear how successful it will be from the financial side, but the main result can be summed up. John Legend manages to delight his fans, and this is the main indicator characterizing the artist. I would like the singer to continue in the chosen direction, because it is so to the liking of his listeners.  


John is such a versatile person with an inexhaustible desire to create that music alone is not enough for him. In 2011, he opened his own film company, thereby setting himself a very, very difficult task to combine the main and beloved work with the position of a serious businessman. So get the john legend tickets now. But instinct and ability did not disappoint John’s company got a very interesting project. It turned out to be a fairly popular series “Underground”. In 2013, a terrific event happened in John’s life – he got married. The ceremony was held in a beautiful place – on Lake Como.

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